Blyth, Northumberland

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For an affordable turf and topsoil supply and lay service, call

Healthy turf for a healthy garden

Fresh turf & topsoil delivery

Quality topsoil helps your turf thrive

When you're laying a new lawn, you want to ensure the turf is of a high quality - after all, poorly treated turf won't last long after being laid.


That's why we use cultivated, weed-free turf grown from seed by an exclusive supplier. The turf is certified by the Turfgrass Growers Association, so you are guaranteed a quality lawn that will last.

Are you a landscaper, homeowner or business owner looking to renovate your garden space with a fresh, luscious lawn?


We can help with our convenient topsoil, turf and compost supply and lay service.


Call to arrange a delivery around a 40 mile radius of Blyth.

Turfing is only as good as the topsoil it is laid on. When you order from us you are assured first grade screened topsoil, a stone-free soil that will help your new turf grow to its best ability and result in a beautiful lawn.


We offer a complete supply and lay service for any quantity of turf, so if you are overhauling a garden, you know we can deliver in spades.

Certified turf

Turf certified by the Turfgrass Growers Association

Quality turf Quality topsoil Turf supply and lay